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Walk in any public place and you'll see it--unfit, inactive, and unhealthy people. Does it sound like I'm pointing a finger? Well, I am--because I was one of these people a few months ago. 

Guys, there was not a day that I did not wake up without some kind of ailment following me--I had a headache just about every single day which caused me to have to take 3-4 Excedrin Migrane tablets to dull, I had unexplained aches and pains in my body, I felt like I was getting sick or was constantly sick--something was up every single day. Finally, I went to to the doctor and he told me at 24 years old, "You're going to have to be on blood pressure medication for the rest of your life!" 

Still, I did not let that motivate me into doing something. No! Being the spiritual man that I am, I said, "I'll just ask God to help me lose this weight!" And I began to pray, "Lord, take this weight off of me!" All the while enjoying pizza with garlic butter, my specialty 8-cheese macaroni and cheese, and whatever else I wanted to eat. I ate when I was bored. I ate just because the food was there. I ate just because someone else was eating! "Ooooh, let me have a bite!" became a favorite phrase of mine! I was going nowhere fast and doing nothing. To top it off, I had "glamorized" view of my body--although I'd gone from a size 32 pant to a size 38, I didn't think I was that heavy. My big shirts made my bulging midsection look somewhat tolerable. But still, there was the lingering headache everyday, the feeling of sickness, and now, high blood pressure medication!

I finally joined a gym after my 3 year old nephew asked if I was pregnant at Christmas. I joined to train with a fellow by the name of Danny Thomas (aka Danny T). He's a former boxer and fit as a fiddle! And I lost some weight--but I plateaued. He had SO many clients that I couldn't get his undivided attention when I needed it and after about 4 months of working out with him and not seeing the results I wanted, I gave up and stopped going to his gym.

As things would go, I met up with some old friends over a huge pasta dinner at Olive Garden--but I noticed they kept talking about what they wouldn't order and what they couldn't eat and what they couldn't drink. Curious, I finally asked why and they opened my eyes to a program called P90X. Now, understand, I am a rebel. I ordered the program after much contemplation (after all, it IS an infomercial and those things "just don't work" in my mind) and began day 1. 

I didn't have the equipment to do the workouts at home, so I joined another gym closer to home, ripped each DVD to my video Ipod, and faithfully trekked to the gym to working out with Tony Horton, Tracy Morrow, Dreya Weber, Daniel Haas, and Joe Bovino for 90 days. For the first two weeks of the program, I was the sorest I've EVER been in my life--but something inside me kept saying, "Larry stick WITH IT! YOU CAN DO THIS!" So I did--amidst stares of the personal trainers at the gym and other gym rats who silently wondered why I came in and had to look down at my Ipod before I did each move. But like I said, I was a rebel. I did the workouts but said, "I AM NOT changing what I'm eating! Screw that!" So about 45 days into it, I realized I was half over with the program and could be looking EXCELLENT and was looking only average. So I decided to retire the rebel in me and attempt the eating change for the last half of the program--and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE! I had more energy, the weight MELTED off, and at the end of the program, I was ready for MORE!

I went back to the doctor after P90X and the nurse's eyes (the same nurse normally weighs me in) about fell out of her head! She said first, "I know, Larry, you don't like to see the number so turn around!" But I said, "No, tell me what it is!" When she told me that I'd gone from 232 to 189, I about passed out! Throughout P90X I never weighed myself because I had an issue with the scale. But NO MORE!

So how did the man that types this turn into a fitness rat? Most of you who know me know that I'm the guy who got doctor's excuses and such to get out of gym class in elementary, middle, and high school, not because there was anything physically wrong with me, but because I didn't want to DO activity. I was known as "the lazy friend" to all my friends--friends could be moving a 90 pound object into a room and I'd sit and watch, snacking on Doritos. So what happened? I WOKE UP AND DID SOMETHING!

I decided I WASN'T gonna be on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life and I DID IT! I decided that I didn't want to look like I was looking--so I DID SOMETHING™! I DID SOMETHING! 

I recently had a friend who I met up with to talk about Beachbody tell me, "If I had known you were coming to try to sell me something, I wouldn't have come." But it's like I told her--this is BIGGER than trying to SELL you something; this is a LIFESTYLE change!!! And I don't care WHAT fitness program you use as long as you DO SOMETHING!

That said, I am starting a website and a MOVEMENT called the "Do Something Intiative™!" to combat obesity and unhealthiness in this nation! I'm developing a plan right now (details to come later) but I hope to have the website up and running in a week or so! So I wrote a lot, yes; but it's good info! Share this with all your friends--repost this! And let's find out who will stand up and take the challenge to DO SOMETHING™!

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