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As you all know, Insanity is done for me. I'll post picutres after I send them off to Beachbody to get my free t-shirt, but I do want to extend my sincerest apologies to those who were following the blog faithfully! After the virus destroyed all my blog posts (I type all of them in Notepad then copy and paste them to this screen), I was disgusted for a minute and just decided to ease up on blogging.

I've come to find that I can't dwell on what the virus destroyed, though! That said, I actually have a few words of Insanity wisdom for you, especially you month one-er's. I really slimmed down doing Insanity and toned, but I didn't get RIPPED like I'd hoped! Part of that was my fault. You can learn from what I did wrong (and I'm doing it RIGHT this time...I've actually restarted month two all over again!):

1. FOLLOW THE NUTRITION PLAN. You're guaranteed better results doing so. I didn't follow until month two because I was so stubborn. But this plan is specificially designed to sculpt your body.

2. DRINK ENOUGH WATER. This I did, but a lot of people don't. You gotta be drinking at LEAST 80 oz. of water a day if not MORE to replace everything you're sweating out. Your muscles are 75% water!

3. PROTEIN!!!! You are KILLING your body doing these workouts and your muscles need to rebuild. I was not getting NEAR ENOUGH protein in my diet! Rule of thumb is to have one gram of protein per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you should have 150 grams of protein a day. You will get some protein from the food you eat, but I doubt it's enough. Supplement with protein powders. You will see quicker results.

4. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If your body is saying, "Man, I'm so EXHAUSTED, I don't know if I'll make it through Insanity today" LISTEN TO IT!!! Period.

5. ABS. I lost the definition that I had emerging in my abs during Insanity. A lot of that I think was me not following the nutrition plan in month one and not getting enough protein. But I also think you need an ab routine at LEAST two times a week if not 3.

I've already restarted month two doing everything the RIGHT way. I expect something completely different this time around and the protein alone has made already a noticeable difference in my body since Insanity ended last week!

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So it wasn't my firmware. I had a VIRUS. Can you believe this?! So, you guessed it! All those blog posts I wrote (that I shoulda saved on my jump drive like I originally had thought) are GONE due to me restoring my system! I'm more than upset. Thankfully, I've decided to go back thru another round of Insanity next month.

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