In Review - Insanity Day 23

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Today's Workout Description: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Tomorrow's Workout: Cardio Recovery
Date of today's workout: Sunday, August 2, 2009
Duration: About 45 minutes
Type: Plyometrics & Intense Cardio

Allow me to say that I still hate this workout. Period. It seems to be a consensus across the board that no one really cares for this workout.

Is it because it's the most challenging so far? Possibly. Is it because it's a tad more repetitive than the others? Maybe. Is it because it kicks my butt every single time? Most definitely!

Good news is that I'm able to make it through the warmup without having to take a break; the bad news is that immediately after the warmup I had to take a break, not to breathlessness or tiredness, but because I wear those darn shoe inserts (I have no arch in either of my feet) and my feet begin hurting a bit if I don't take a bit of time and stretch them out right after.

Otherwise, I think I'd still have the IRS randomly knock at my door to endure this workout. I'm happy that there's only one more of these on the calendar. I'd say I'm happy to be rid of it, but I don't preview workouts ahead of time (I like the surprise) but I'm sure there's a workout next month that will have my crying and pleading for Plyo Cardio. Only time will tell.

Insanitometer Rating: 7 out of 10.

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1 Response to "In Review - Insanity Day 23"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hi Larry. Enjoy your comments. I am in week 2 of Insanity and I identify with many of your post and enjoy reading them.

    I must say, however, that I am puzzled by your hatred of Plyo. Pure Cardio is hell to me... honestly, I dread it everytime I see it on the schedule. Honestly, I recover from the drills, ski-abs, and in-and-outs... then there are those lovely breaks. Pure Cardio takes my wind at suicides and I never fully recover... the whole experience is hell.

    I see you are in phase II now... enjoying your comments on what is to come. Just thought you may be interested in a different take. I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Sounds like I need to 'find more wind' before phase II. :)