Insanity - Month 2, Day 1 (In Review, Day 35)

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Today's Workout Description: Fit Test; Max Interval Circuit
Tomorrow's Workout: Max Interval Plyo
Date of today's workout: Friday, August 14, 2009
Duration: about 30 mins; 1 Hour
Type: Very High Intensity Cardio/Interval Training

(Forewarning you, this will be a longer post because there's two things to talk about today!)

The Fit Test

I was determined to beat my numbers from last time! Normally, I leave behind my old numbers and just live in the moment, but this time I decided I wanted to compete with myself and I'm so glad that I did. It made me push harder! I brought my numbers with me to the workout and I crushed my old numbers! The good news is that third time around, this workout is MUCH easier than it was on Day 1! I wasn't winded or exhausted, nor did I have to take self-induced breaks to make it through this! In fact, I only went through like 12 oz of water (if that much). The results:

1. Switch Kicks: From 120 > To 162
2. Power Jacks: From 59 > To 80
3. Power Knees: From 105 > To 128
4. Power Jumps: From 30 > To 52
5. Globe Jumps: From 10 > To 14 (that's 16 more jumps than last time since four jumps equals one rotation)
6. Suicide Jumps: From 16 > To 20
7. Pushup Jacks: From 37 > To 43
8. Lo-Plank Obliques: From 62 > To 81

Max Interval Circuit

"I'm here to kick your butt! ...And I'm not playing!"

Those are some of the first words you hear Shaun utter as soon as you press play on the DVD. It's then you know that you'll probably die during the workout and wake up in the great beyond. In fact, I'm about 99% sure that I'm typing this from the "other side."

Kids, there's not ONE PART of my body (aside from my head) that I don't feel the results of this workout in! Everything from my calfs to my shoulders are screaming right now! To begin, I'd like to make this public service announcement: to all of those naysayers who are out there screaming, "Oh but Insanity is not as intense as it could be and I feel like it needs more blah blah blah," I certainly want to hear what you think on Day 1 of month two! What most people FAILED to realize is that month one is a foundational month. I predicted it (hey, I don't watch ahead any DVD because I enjoy the suspense/surprise). The purpose of month one was to get your body and mind ready to endure month two. Period. Compared to JUST TODAY, month 1 was a cakewalk!

That said, I don't know how many four letter words I let fly at Shaun today if I'm being honest! The warmup is TOTALLY different from month one to start. In fact, many of the "intense" moves that are a part of the workout itself during month one have been converted to the warmup now if that gives you any indication (e.g., "Hit Da Floor" is now part of your warmup, not your workout). To boot, when you finish the warm up, you still have more time left in the workout to come than in a typical workout from month one (after the stretch, there were still 42 mins. of workout ahead of you). You get slightly longer rest periods, but not always--rest periods range from 25-35 seconds.

By far the two demons of today's workout were the "Ski Abs/Pushup Jacks/In and Out Abs/Oblique Pushups" (yes, that's all ONE move...a culmination of ALL the moves you just read) and the Full Body Circuit (going to plank, doing a plank run, four moving pushups, and a wide oblique plank run). I've never hated Shaun more than I hated him while doing these moves, haha!

Every single part of your body will burn today and you will have to dig deeper and find out truthfully what you're made of! This is the time, this is the month to either get fit or get out! No excuses! Almost doesn't count! All or nothing! (Darn, I just ran out of cliches!) You get the picture. This is the month in which you'll see MIND BLOWING results. Period. 36 oz. of water, 8 oz. of a recovery drink, and 8 oz of a Shakeology later, I feel like a million dollar bill!

Overall Insanitometer Rating: 10 out of 10

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13 Responses to "Insanity - Month 2, Day 1 (In Review, Day 35)"

  1. admin Says:
  2. I guess the difference between p90 and insanity is one builds muscle more than the other?? Hmmm.. I think I will go with insanity.
    I already purchased it from this site

    Shaun T Insanity

  3. Cat Says:
  4. Well, this is all good to know. I am on the last week of month 1 and was just starting to love this workout. Sounds like I am really in for it in month 2....but am really looking forward to it just the same! Better stock up on results and recovery. Yikes...
  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I completed my 3rd fit test and 1st day of the 2nd month and thought i was going to throw up. No kidding. I worked so hard that I was unsure I could pry myself from the floor in order to get my water! WOW - it makes me feel better that someone else thinks it was hard and you seemed to have survived. I will press on. (and i am also going to alter where i work out to gain more space - what is going on!)
  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. can u do the fit test in the morning then do the Max interval in the afternoon, or does it want u do Max interval right after the fit test? I start Month 2 tomorrow.
  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us! I thought I was all alone feeling the pains & practically wanting to cry after month 2 day 2's workout! This is such a journey for me and you are absolutely right, you either get fit or get out~ There are no excuses.
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. I completed the fit test and Max Interval Circuit today. I, too, thought I would vomit. I'm proud I made it through both and though I feel wrecked physically right now I'm glad I've stuck with Insanity. Month two makes the first month seem like a walk in the park!
  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. The 1st day of Month 2 is a butchery...
  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. This is my second time doing insanity. I did it last summer and after the first and second workouts of month two I wanted to puke. Today was day 1 of month 2, not as hard as before bust still a very difficult transition from month 1. Stick too it, it gets easier :)
  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. I am glad I am not the only who wanted to vomit after the first day of month 2... I hate it but I LOVE IT !
  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. I just did the fit test and was so tired after that, that I did not want to do the first workout of month 2. But I did it and want to puke...I hated it but I still love it!
  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. hey guys/girls
    i completed day 1 month 2 wow 900 cals burned, looking forward to day2 but not i no u no what i mean lol lol
  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. Just finished Day 2 of Month 2 and all I can saw is WOW!!! like everyone else is saying month one was a cakewalk compared to these workouts. Anyone up for some POWER JACKS... Give me strength.. It better be worth it.
  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. Going through the recovery week right now! I cant wait for the pleasant suprise that is month 2 day 1 workout