...But You're Still FAT!!!!

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"I've lost 120 pounds, but...all my friend can keep reminding me is, 'But you're still FAT!'"

I make it a point to watch and read anything I can get my hands on regarding weight loss and fitness. Last week, Tyra Banks aired story on her talk show regarding extreme weight loss and the friends we lose throughout our journey's of transformation. The above quote is from a guest on that show.

When we lose weight and get in shape, a transformation happens not only physically, but mentally as well. Speaking for myself, I'm a guy who, in the past, you wouldn't have caught dead in public in a tank top or a sleeveless shirt; now, I adorn them all the time because I have pride in my body and, let's face it--I WORKED HARD TO LOOK THE WAY I DO!

So often what people in our lives can't get used to is the new person we become after we lose weight and get in some real shape. It's quite probable that you'll lose a lot of your friends and many people in your family will treat you differently because of the life you chose to lead. But you MUST be UNASHAMED of the life you lead! Friends and family are going to ridicule you because you won't have that piece of cake with them or because you won't go out for beers with them any longer. They are used to you eating when they eat. They are used to you drinking what they drink, and they'll do anything and say any hurtful thing to get that old person back! They are not used to the confident you who actually monitors what you put in your body. They won't be used to the new self-esteem and the person who now loves to take pictures. But they must mourn the loss of that version of you.

So much of our social lives revolve around food--a child graduates from high school? Have a food party! A woman having a baby shower? Have food! Wanna spend some time with friends? Go out to eat to get the night started! Go catch a movie? Have popcorn, pretzels, and sugar candies! A holiday at work? Have a office carry-in! Even churches are beginning to serve snacks after services!

What is my point? You don't have to force your new lifestyle down their throats, but at the same time, there should be some reciprocity--they shouldn't be forcing your OLD lifestyle back down your throat. If you have friends and family that can't tolerate the "new you" then I challenge you to examine those relationships and see how many of them are actually beneficial to you now. If those in your life can't be geniunely happy for you now that you're a healthier you, then I suspect that your relationship wasn't much to begin with anyhow.

Say it with me: "I'm unashamed of the life I lead! Unashamed of the strength of my needs!" Do you mean it?

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3 Responses to "...But You're Still FAT!!!!"

  1. GrowStrong Says:
  2. As Mizfit says... I am "unapologetically myself". If you are doing something that is healthful for you, don't let anyone talk you out of it. The hard part for most people reacting to you is to not feel uncomfortable or guilty because of the unhealthful things they're choosing to do; you making the healthy choice highlights their lack of integrity: let's face it, EVERYONE says they want to be healthier.... but hardly anyone does anything about it - and it can't feel good to be reminded of personal hypocrisy, even subconsciously.
  3. Coach81 Says:
  4. Great blog! I walk around with my shirt off ALL THE TIME NOW...
  5. Larry Says:
  6. GrowStrong - Good point! A healthy life is an ambitious, active life! It's not enough to just say it--you gotta do it!

    Coach81 - That's the kinda stuff I like to hear! LOL! Have CONFIDENCE in your body!