In Review - Insanity Day 4

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Today's Workout Description: Cardio Recovery
Tomorrow's Workout: Pure Cardio
Date of today's workout: Monday, July 13, 2009
Duration: About 35 minutes
Type: Flexibility & Yoga

Today--today was like kittens and rainbows! Spring time! A fresh spring shower! Okay enough with the colorful euphemisms! Today was welcomed recovery! My muscles needed it and I sit here typing this in the afterglow. My muscles are limber and stretched and I feel amazing right now. It was heavy emphasis on stretching and yoga.

I won't lie--there was a lot of plank work and ab work, but the stretching was magic. My body was craving it! The major highlight tonight was BURN! He keeps you in the yoga poses so long doing pulses and whatnot, that it BURNS like someone began kindling a small contained fire in your muscles. But if you hold it, the pay off is money!

Believe it or not, only 4 days in, I'm starting to see my abs poke thru even more. I know the pic below on day 1 you can see them hovering under, but who would have thought that after only 4 short days in, the workouts would be so intense as to bring almost instantaneous results? I'm honestly fighting the urge to take more pics but I promised myself only every 30 days.

Until tomorrow...DO SOMETHING!

Insanitometer Rating: 3.5 out of 10.

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