In Review - Insanity Day 6

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Today's Workout Description: Plyometric Cardio Circuit<
Tomorrow's Workout: Rest Day
Date of today's workout: Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Duration: About 45 minutes
Type: Plyometrics & Intense Cardio

(Before I begin today, I want to thank you--yes YOU!--for visiting this blog and reading! Bookmark the blog, and comment on my posts! Ask questions--there is no stupid question! Leave your comments! I wanna hear from you! I have a few questions already and I'm doing a Q&A session for tomorrow's blog since it's a rest day!)

This was technically my fifth time doing this workout as I was doing it previously when it aired as a teaser. I can honestly say that this workout gets easier, but that doesn't mean it gets less intense.

I'm finding now that my legs are getting less tired and I'm more conditioned. My heart rate still gets to an almost dangerous zone because I really dig deep, so I still have to press my own personal pause button on my body and let myself rest for a second.

Still the magic of this workout are the Level 1 drills (think burpee, 4 pushups, and plank run all blended into one) into the ski abs into the in and out abs. Those are money and you really feel it all in your core. By the end of the workout, I'm still drenched, but again, I feel glorious.

This is probably the one workout that I just don't care for if I'm being honest. I don't know why or what differentiates this from Pure Cardio (yesterday's workout), for example; maybe it's because I've done it in advance. Who knows? All in all, only six days in and I'm STILL seeing fantastic results ALREADY!

One word of advice: EAT! I got sidetracked this evening and missed my evening protein shake and during the workout I began to get a little nauseated. This workout DEMANDS that you eat, and I won't let that happen again!

Coming tomorrow: Insanity (and other Beachbody programs) Question and Answer session as well as some awesome information about a fitness event coming soon in good ol' Indiana!

Insanitometer Rating: 8 out of 10.

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2 Responses to "In Review - Insanity Day 6"

  1. Terese Says:
  2. Hi Larry,
    Glad I found your blog. Lots of good info. I'm a 3 round P90X grad, Power 90, and Chaleen Extreme. Thinking about buying Insanity. What is the music like? I almost went crazy with Chaleen's music. I can't stand the 'let's go clubing' music!

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Larry Says:
  4. No prob, Terese! (I have an aunt named Terese!) I answered your question in the Q&A blog above :-) . Let me know if you need more information or elaboration.