Dear Lie, You Suck!!!

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Motivational Article for the week of (originally written May 25, 2009)

"Dear lie
You suck
You said you could fix anything
Instead I'm stuck
Dear lie
You're dumb
You think you've got the best of me
You think you won
Ive learned your art
Won't let you unnerve me
Won't let you control me
The truth will only free me
And your lies wont hurt no
No more"
~ TLC Dear Lie (C) 2000 LaFace Records LLC
I had originally entitled this week's motivational article, "Overcoming Personal Objections" but I deviated while listening to the above song on my Ipod playlist.

So often we tell ourselves lies that prevent us from knowing ourselves. These are the same lies that prevent us from taking challenges or risks or even having a sense of accomplishment. What are some of these lies?

"I'll never be able to get in shape!"
"I'll never be fit or healthy!"
"I'll never be able to change my eating habits!"
"If I had the motivation to do something, I would!"
"I need someone telling me, prodding me to work out!"
"I lost the weight, now WHAT?!"
"Those workouts are too hard! I'll never make it through one!"
"I'd workout if I had someone to do it with!"

My Beachbody coach, an awesome individual named Tommy Mygrant, is a true testament that you can overcome personal objections! This guy, when he started the P90X workouts, a workout system generally not for beginners, could barely keep up with Tony Horton and his band of workout fiends! But rather than giving up on himself when he had every opportunity to do so, this guy bucked up, said, "DEAR LIE, YOU SUCK! I WON'T LET YOU CONTROL ME!" and pushed through the workouts day after day. Now over a year later, this same guy who was unfit and out of shape is now a Beachbody success story, going on to appear in a live-on air QVC promotion for P90X--the same workout program that got him in shape in the first place!

So why did I mention all that? It's simple: the only person standing in the way of you taking your health, fitness, and destiny into your own hands is you! If you contstantly buy into all of those lies that you tell yourself, you'll begin to believe the lie and turn a lie into a personal truth! Once you adopt a lie as a truth, it may take some work to dethrone it--but it's not an impossibility! That's why Beachbody hooks you up with your very own coach--someone solely in your corner to motivate you, to keep you pressing forward!

You'd workout if you had someone to do it with? Beachbody has it covered! Log your workout in WOWY (Work Out With You), our online gym and workout with folks from all over the world that are working out at the same time as you!

You have your motivator, you have partners to workout with, you have the resources on Beachbody to help you get not only fit but eat right! You can lose the weight and keep it off! So why not start? Why not?
So what lies have you told yourself that you no longer believe? I'll start!

Dear Lie, you SUCK! You told me that I'd never be able to change my body or the way that I eat! But look at me now! I'm inspiring others to take action to get fit and healthy, and I'm getting PAID to do it! Your control is BROKEN!

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