In Review - Insanity Day 1

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Today's Workout Description: Fit Test
Tomorrow's Workout: Insanity Plyo Circuit
Date of workout: Friday, July 10, 2009
Duration: About 30 minutes
Type: Cardio


Well, kids, I've been waiting on this fitness program for two agonizing months, so imagine when it came out--I did two day shipping and frenetically checked the UPS website daily to see when the date of shipping was. It got here at 2 p.m. today; I was working out by 2:10 p.m.

"Insanity" is an all new 60-day total body conditioning program put together by reknowned fitness trainer Shaun T (responsible for Hip Hop Abs). This is about as far from Hip Hop Abs that you can possibly get. For those of you who thought you were going to dance, leave your dancing shoes behind! This workout program is for the faint of heart or the unfit! In fact, he says, "I'm going to keep it real, this workout is not for everybody!" He wasn't lying.

Before today, I thought I was in pretty good shape--I've done P90X, P90X Plus, ChaLEAN Extreme, One on One with Tony Horton, and to prepare for the intense cardio focus of Insanity, a bit of Turbo Jam, all Beachbody workouts. This was not your mama's fitness test. This was intense hard work and by the end of the workout, I was in a complete flop sweat!

The fit test looks innocent enough--8 simple little moves and that's fine--except it's MAX INTERVAL TRAINING! What does that mean? It means instead of skyrocketing your heart rate and taking time to bring it back down then doing the same in succession for about 30 minutes, it's turned on it's head. Longer spurts of intense working out and shorter rests.

In this first workout, there is a lot of plyometric (read: jumping) training. He does a lot of targeting of specific body parts, and even as I type this, I can feel my obliques, hamstrings, and even triceps and delts a bit. If the rest of the workout is as intense as just this fit test, I can see why there's no need for weights--you're moving so quickly and so intensely that weights would just compound things and honestly get in the way.

Stats & Data From the Fit Test:

1. Move: Switch Kicks
> My rep count: 120

2. Move: Power Jacks
> My rep count: 50

3. Move: Power Knees
> My rep count: 95

4. Move: Power Jumps (these have always been my weakness)
> My rep count: 30

5. Move: Globe Jumps
> My rep count: 9

6. Move: Suicide Jumps (I was suicidial after these, LOL)
> My rep count: 12

7. Move: Pushup Jacks
> My rep count: 33

8. Move: Low-Plank Obliques
> My rep count: 45

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3 Responses to "In Review - Insanity Day 1"

  1. savache27 Says:
  2. Wow, this sounds intense! I can't wait! I just started the first week of CE. I was wondering what your opinion is, do you think I should go ahead with CE or just do Insanity and then restart CE. I'm really excited about Insanity, but I want to do both! ;)
  3. Larry Says:
  4. I answered your question in the Q&A blog above :-) . Let me know if you need more information or elaboration.
  5. ShidatheCheetah Says:
  6. Can't wait to start this! Celiacs disease has made me so thin, anf thus very weak (I went from 120lbs to 83 pounds in less than 30 days due to the illness). i can't wait to start this! I'm gonna start this asap. :D