In Review - Insanity Day 5

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Today's Workout Description: Pure Cardio
Tomorrow's Workout: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Date of today's workout: Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Duration: About 40 minutes
Type: Intense Cardio

"This sh*t is bananas, yo," is one of the last phrases you hear Shaun T utter in a collapsed heap on the floor right before he let us cool down.

This sh*t was definitely bananas! Remember in college how it'd be worth it to attend nearly every lecture and take good notes because chances are the material you go over would appear on either the final exam or the midterm? Well, the jury is out on the final exam because I haven't completed the entire program, but I can almost safely say today is the pre-midterm!

Today was an amalgomation of every workout that has been done this far. What distances this workout from it's predecessors is once you get into the heart of the workout at the 20 minute mark, it's NON-STOP PURE CORE-TRAINING, PLYOMETRIC JUMPING, HEART THUMPING CARDIO until the cool down! No, my friends, don't think you're going to rest at all during this workout. The only rest you get is if you give it to yourself, because Shaun doesn't give it to you.

As I sit here typing this, my tank top is soaked completely through as if I've been playing in water for hours. This workout is so intense that half way through, during one of my self-imposed breaks, I dumped some recovery formula into my water bottle (oh so gracefully spilling half of it onto the desk), shaked it up, drank and continued.

I normally don't like cardio. I just don't. I'm not a cardio kinda guy. I've always loved strength training, but tonight, I honestly didn't miss it. You don't have TIME to miss strength training. Everything is going so quickly and intensely, that you barely have time to transition to the next move. I can, though, for the first time tell you that I actually ENJOYED a cardio workout, and right now, I feel amazing.

Bananas, indeed.

Insanitometer Rating: 9 out of 10.

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3 Responses to "In Review - Insanity Day 5"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I'm afraid to this one tomorrow now.. LOL I can't wait.

  3. Larry Says:
  4. Paul, I answered your question in the Q&A blog above :-) . Let me know if you need more information or elaboration.
  5. Coach81 Says:
  6. Doing this one tomorrow.. *GULP*