Why Beachbody?

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I feel like I've gotten to know at least a few of you well enough that I can do a post like this periodically and have your support in doing so. To those of you I don't know yet (notice I said yet!) begin commenting! I try to reply to everything!

That said: a lot of you know that I am a Beachbody coach. Looking back a year ago when I started P90X, I never thought I'd get to a point where I was passionate about health and fitness, because let's face it, I've always been the lazy guy. I was the guy who could see his friends struggling to carry out 200 pounds of stereo equipment, and sit back on the couch and observe (true story, by the way). But P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme, and Insanity (and a ton of other Beachbody programs) showed me another way: that I can be fit, active, and healthy, and make money doing it!

Yes, I have a passion for people! In fact, I work in a job now in which I work with children birth-3 and their families. So the passion for people is there! It is not, however, as strong in the field I'm in now as it is for fitness & nutrition.

I want each of you to be the healthiest, strongest, fittest you that you can possibly be! And I want to help you do that! I want to help you--yes YOU (don't look over your shoulder, I'm talking to YOU)--achieve your goals. I want to lend support to you.

Below is a short video that Beachbody CEO Carl Diakeler presented about the Beachbody Coaching Business opportunity. Take a look at it, think about it, and if it sounds like something that's up your alley, comment, email, or go to my website (click here) and think about signing up to be a coach? Who wouldn't want to be paid for being healthy and active? You're already talking about it with people anyway!


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