In Review - Insanity Day 13

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Today's Workout Description: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
Tomorrow's Workout: Rest Day -- Thank God!
Date of next workout: Friday, July 22, 2009
Duration: About 40 minutes (Pure Cardio); About 20 minutes (Cardio Abs)
Type: Intense Cardio; Abs

Mark this days on your calendars, ladies and gents! Today is the day where I can officially say that "this sh*t" is becoming less "bananas, yo!"

Believe it or not, nearing the 2 week mark in Insanity (I know, I'm a vet, right? LOL), I'm finding that in Pure Cardio I was far less winded and had to take fewer self-induced breaks. Breaks have moved from 3-5 seconds down to 2-5 (trust me, that is an improvement) and I don't feel like I'm dying so much. My cardiovascular strength and recovery time is definitely improved tremendously and I've even noticed a dramatic improvement in my resting heart rate!

As far as cardio abs is concerned, I didn't begin feeling it honestly until the last two moves--the low plank/high plank hip tuck (that's not the name he used, but I'm too lazy to pop the DVD back in to get the real name--trust me, when you do it, you'll know it). Those things are amazing, especially if you've contracted your core as he instructed you to do. There is definitely an amazing, knee-buckling burn that you get in the depths of your core--it's like someone is in your abs slowly lighting matches! (Edit: I'm sitting here looking over this for spelling errors and I definitely feel it in my abs all over now!!!)

Now how to rate this on the Insanitometer? I'll do it this way: I'll rate the workouts individually in text form and the OVERALL DAY in the Insanitometer:

Insanitometer for Pure Cardio: 8 out of 10
Insanitometer for Cardio Abs: 6 out of 10

Overall Insanitometer Rating: 8 out of 10

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2 Responses to "In Review - Insanity Day 13"

  1. ugmung Says:
  2. yeah. i agree with you with the cardio abs. i didn't feel it until the tucks either, i thought i was the only one! i thought i was doing the exercises COMPLETELY wrong, but i guess i wasn't!
  3. Larry Says:
  4. You definitely weren't the only one. Those things are money!