Insanity & Beachbody Question/Answer Session

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Hey guys! Here it is Insanity Day 7, and I'm basking in the luxurious laziness of my rest day! It's very much needed right now! Before I get into the Q&A for today, I'm gonna be starting something that I'm going to call, "Team Thursday's." What that will entail is you--the reader--sending me your before and after pics, what programs you've used, and how your life has changed since embarking on this Beachbody journey! It doesn't matter WHAT program you've used, I want to hear about it! I'm looking into doing this ASAP. What I'll do is, after recieving your pics and story, will post your story as Thursday's blog entry. If I don't recieve any submissions, I'll use Thursday as a Q&A session or as a day for an article.

Beachbody Q&A

What is your resting heart rate? Last time I checked earlier this week, it was 70 BPM.

What is your heart rate during an Insanity workout? Typically, 175-188 BPM.

Why don't you take pictures every day to track your progress? Because I feel like the transformation will be more visible and dramatic when seen every 30 days as opposed to daily. Daily, you'll only see minor changes as opposed to major one's every 30.

Do you find you're hungrier doing Insanity? Good God, YES YES YES!!!! Insanity has me STARVING! Follow the nutrition, guide guys! You HAVE to eat at least 5 quality meals a day, PERIOD.

Am I ready for Insanity? It depends on your current level of fitness and what your doctor advises as well as which Beachbody programs you've completed in the past.

I read that you can overtrain if you do more than one Insanity workout daily. Is that true? Yes, it's very true. Shaun T, on the Insanity webinar a few weeks ago, actually warned that this could occur. In fact, I have a good friend and coach that I know that attempted Insanity Plyo Circuit, Shoulders & Arms (P90X), and Ab Ripper X (P90X) yesterday and, not only was he miserable yesterday, he's still not back at 100% today. Insanity pushes one to their anaerobic as opposed to aerboic threshold. What does this mean? "During exercise with adequate fuel and oxygen (i.e., aerobic), muscle cells can contract repeatedly without fatigue. During anaerobic or non-oxygen conditions (i.e., higher intensity exercise), muscle cells must rely on other reactions that do not require oxygen to fuel muscle contraction. This anaerobic metabolism in the cells produces waste molecules that can impair muscle contractions. We call this deterioration in performance fatigue." ( Link )

I just started ChaLEAN Extreme (CE); do you think I should go ahead with CE or just do Insanity and then restart CE? First--CONGRATULATIONS!!! You'll love it!!! I'm also a grad of CE, and CE is actually a very extreme workout. What most people believe is that it's just a "woman's workout" and it's far from it. You're sure to get fantastic results from CE (I certainly did) and, if you haven't done an extreme workout of that nature before like P90X, I'd recommend CE before even THINKING of attempting Insanity. As Shaun T says, "It's not for everyone." Heed his words.

I stopped with the recovery drink while doing P90x/P90x+. It sounds like I may have to add the recovery drink back in when I start Insanity. You definitely will. In fact, the deluxe edition of Insanity comes with two tubs of recovery formula. You need it. No question about it.

I'm thinking about buying Insanity. What is the music like? The music is your typical, cheesy, workout music. No big changes there. There is, though, an option to play the DVD with or without music on each disc. So, if the cheesy music doesn't quite work for you, you can always play the workout without music.

Liked your questions guys! Keep 'em coming! ...And (insert shameless plug here) if you need a coach or are looking to sign up for the coaching business opportunity, or just want more information about it, I'm your guy! See the coaching link above. (Oh come on! Don't give me that look! LOL!) (/end shameless plug)


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