That's It! Screw It! I GIVE UP!!!

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About six weeks ago, I started my parent's on Kathy Smith's: Project YOU! for people with type two diabetes. I'll talk more about that awesome program at a later time (suffice it to say that my parents are no longer on diabetes medication because exercise and nutrition has become their new "medication"), but about 3 weeks into the program, my mother said, after getting on the scale:

"Screw it! I'm p*ssed off! How can he (my dad) drop that much weight and I'm just hovering?! I GIVE UP!!!"

After talking her off that ledge, it dawned on me: there is no quick fix or no instantaneous result from working out and eating healthily. THe weight you're trying to lose didn't magically pack on you overnight--it came with a series of less than stellar choices, and only an equally intense series of more than stellar choices will reverse it!

Whether you're working out to lose vanity pounds or just to be a healthier you, you cannot give up! If you're looking to BEGIN working out and eating correctly, you can procrastinate tomorrow--START TODAY!!! You only have one life and one body, and what you do with it is ENTIRELY up to you!

Whether you're hovering like my mom was (who, by the way, is looking quite slim these days), struggling to get those last 10 or so pounds off, or just looking to get started, try these helpful hints:

If you're looking to begin getting active....

1. Begin by parking further out when you go to stores, and walk briskly to the doors. (If you can do the same at home, do it!)
2. Stay on your feet as much as you can throughout the day. And as you walk, walk quickly. You'll born more calories and you're doing some extremely mild cardio at the same time.
3. When you can take the stairs, do so and forego the elevator.
4. Eat breakfast! Get SOMETHING in your body in the morning within the hour that you awaken.
5. Take a walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes daily or talk to a workout aficionado who can help you decide what home workout program would be best for your lifestyle.

If you're looking to lose those last stubborn pounds...

1. Add an extra cardio day to your workout weekly and try to stay within 85% of your maximum heart rate throughout the workout.
2. Drink at least 80 ounces of water daily. If you workout intensely and sweat a lot, remember to replinish your body with the water you lose in sweat.
3. Say no-no to the alcohol. Alcohol is LOADED with empty (read: good for nothing) calories.
4. Decrease your sodium intake to 1,000 mg. daily or less. That means actively monitoring what you put in your body.
5. Decrease or cut out processed foods altogether (e.g., frozen dinners, white bread).

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